The TOR bundle as torrent

28 Mars 2011

Here is a copy of the TOR bundle as a torrent file.

Currently only the Linux versions, if someone wants me to host OS X or Windows versions please drop a comment below.

What is it? The TOR bundle is a package that contains TOR and Mozilla Firefox. You just download it and start the browser included and you will be connected to the TOR network. A good solution if you want to stay anonymous on a borrowed/public computer.
If you are at home on your own computer I do not recommend that you use the TOR bundle but rather download the normal TOR installation. In that way you are able to use your Internet connection to contribute to the TOR network and help speeding it up and not just leeching on other peoples bandwidth. A simple way to become an everyday hero by helping repressed people around the world get Freedom of Speech.
Why? I thought it a bit weird that doesn’t offer the tor bundles as torrents.
I’m just guessing here but it seem to me that their website would be the first thing blocked if someone were trying to censor Internet traffic.

Please help me seed these torrents. Also, if you notice that the bundle torrent hosted here is an old version please notify me and I will try to keep it updated.

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