Problems after upgrade to OS X Lion

24 Mar 2011

Here are a few things that broke after I upgraded my MBP to OS X Lion.
Any help with solving the issues would be highly appreciated.

  • Three finger slide, one of my most missed features from Snow Leopard. The three finger slide which activated “Back” in browsers.
    I am currently unable to reenable this, but I have noticied that Safari has got this function (with one finger). If there are any fixes to reenable this in Firefox or Chrome please leave a comment!
  • GPGMail stopped working. Had to install Thunderbird to continue my encrypted correspondence (haven’t been able to get this working either atm).
  • Time Machine stopped working. I’ve got an Ubuntu server running as Time Machine disc and since the upgrade my MBP has been complaining about lacking AFP function support. Time Machine kunde inte slutföra säkerhetskopieringen.

A lot of stuff broke, but ey, we got full disc encryption and the posibility to resize windows in all the corners!

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