Thank you Flattr, it has been a great summer!

27 Aug 2011

Well, thats it for now. This Wednesday is my last day at Flattr in Malmö. I’ve worked there since June and spent the entire summer in the sweetest software development office ever!
It makes me quite emotional writing this because it will be really hard leaving all the great people at Flattr to continue my studies on a Master in Computer Science.


It has been such a wonderful experience being a part of the phenomenon that is Flattr. Working on a team set out to improve the world. The atmosphere in the Flattr office is a really inspiring and unique. With an unhieractical structure and relaxed attitude creativity is flourishing and I really felt included in the company and the debates on the future of Flattr.

The software development environment is really creative and open and a thirst for knowledge drives the team. If I would ever put together a development team the atmosphere in the Flattr office is the one I would strive for. The sense of trust in you and the amount of freedom given really maximize productivity and all the helpful devs makes it one hell of a team.

Thanks for the laughs, jokes, critique, discussions, gaming, Club Mate, coffee, beer, Lego, board gaming, all the ‘awesome’ and thanks for your trust in me and my ability.
I hope I will be back one day!

Tack Linus, Peter, Simon, Joel, Leif, Per, Pelle, Maria, Niklas, Josef och Marie. Ni har verkligen gjort det här till en riktigt fin sommar som jag kommer minnas med glädje.

Here are some pictures from the office this summer.

Pair (bro-)programming with Per in the Fatboys while Josef and Pelle builds lego/perls
Pair (bro-)programming with Per in the Fatboys while Josef and Pelle builds lego/perls
Dark Science, divining by zero and making recursive images.
Dark Science, dividing by zero and making recursive images
Leif dubble facepalming and Simon haning from the roof, normal day at office.
Leif double facepalming and Simon hanging from the ceiling, normal day at the office
3D printing spam
3D printing spam
Chill out Pug is chill
My Pug Medea chills out on the Flattr rugs
Ninja :D
Employed as Ninja
Helicopter uses ramm... IT IS INAFFECTIVE!
Leif using ninja skillz to avert helicopter attack
Board games and Robots!
Dangerous but happy Simon
Simon enjoying shooting other devs…

I’ll miss the lot of you.

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