Cyanogenmod on HTC Hero

24 Nov 2012

Today I installed Cyanogenmod on an old HTC HERO (GSM) phone I had lying about.

I followed the guide called ClockworkMod here.
It didn’t work the first time, I got an error in the last step which said “Illegal instruction /data/local/flas…” and when I tried to boot into the recovery mode I got stuck on a screen that looked like this.

Then I found this old forum thread which solved the problem for me.

For me, it was something about the flash_image binary. The one downloaded from HTC Hero Full Update wiki page was causing this. Later I’ve found different flash_image binary on CyanogenMod Flash_Image wiki, and that one worked for me. – unj

When I switched to the flash image mentioned in the post the problem went away.

Here is a link to the flash image.

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