The TOR projects needs more relays

27 Apr 2013

A concrete way to help people living under censorship and surveillance is to set up a TOR Relay.

TOR project needs more bridges to be able to help users evade deep packet inspections and blocklists.

If you have a computer which is often running, then try installing a TOR relay on it! It is a simple and concrete way to help out.
If you do not have such a computer then you could buy a small raspberry pi and run it as relay.

If you live in Sweden you can even send it to the great people over at FS-Data which provide free colocation of raspberry pi’s (they give you free internet connection and power supply if you send in your rbp).

If you feel it is to much work setting up a TOR relay (it’s not!), or you are otherwise unable to, then you can help out by donating to others who use the money to run relays; like or noisebridge

Remember: if you run the relay as a bridge or as an internal node all TOR traffic leaving you will be encrypted so you do not have to worry about your ISP or local authorites thinking your traffic looks suspicious.

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