Privacy aware VPN providers

25 Jun 2013

To protect against traffic snooping/injection or other attacks on open networks (or from your ISP or government etc) it is a good idea to encrypt your traffic to a “trusted” end-node. This can be done with a VPN tunnel.

The services listed below provide VPN tunnel. They also have in common that they are privacy aware. They intentionally do not keep logs of users and assign you a random IP address. This has the added benefit of hiding where you are connecting from (from the website or services perspective). Please beware and read up on security issues concering anonymity before using one of a VPN

Provider Price Type Country Other
Ipredator 150 SEK / 3 months OpenVPN / PPTP Cyprus / Sweden Also provide: DNS, jabber, http proxy etc
Integrity OpenVPN / PPTP Sweden Not live yet, announced by Bahnof
Mullvad 50 SEK / month OpenVPN / PPTP Sweden Payable with bitcoin and cash
BlackVPN 7.50 EUR / month OpenVPN / PPTP / IPSec Hong Kong Sell preconfigured routers. Choose end-point country.
RiseUp Donation based OpenVPN USA Block third-party trackers
Anonine 42 SEK / month OpenVPN / PPTP Sweden Payable with SMS
AirVPN 7 EUR / month ~ 15 EUR / 3 month OpenVPN Italy Accept bitcoin
Private Internet Access 6.95 USD / month PPTP / OpenVPN / IPSec USA Accept bitcoin
Cryptocloud 19.95 USD / month PPTP / OpenVPN USA Accept bitcoin
Relakks 5 EUR / month PPTP Sweden
Perfect Privacy 10.41 EUR / month (1 year subscription) OpenVPN / PPTP / SSH2 / IPSec / SOCK proxy Germany (?) Accept bitcoin
IVPN 15 USD / month (subscription) OpenVPN / IPSec / L2TP Malta
PrivateVPN 7 EUR / month OpenVPNi / PPTP Sweden Servers in many countries, able to choose
Ivacy 1 EUR / year (50MB/day) or 9.95 EUR / month OpenVPN and IPSec (only for russian server) / PPTP (?)
TunnelBear Free (500MB/month) or 4.99 USD/month IPSEC / OpenVPN. OSX/wintendo/iOS/android support custom client Canada
kebrum 7 USD/month OpenVPN. PPTP/L2TP Seychelle
frootvpn Free OpenVPN. PPTP/L2TP Sweden Will cost in the future. Unable to find what company is behind it

What logs the different VPN providers store varies. Read up on their privacy and logging policy.

For example: BlackVPN store “The internal RFC1918 ( IP address assigned by us to a particular user at each time” this means that if they are forced to do so, by law, they can point out what user was logged on to what IP address at that time. If that information is connected to you is up to yourself, since the other thing they store is your email address. They do not store the credit-card information, but if they are forced to do so they could simply wait until the next time you enter the information to renew your subscription. It is probably wise to create new users each time you pay and use new email addresses to make sure that the account is not easily connectable to you.

Also: Please note that PPTP can be considered broken and should not be used if there are alternatives.

If you found this interesting, maybe you would enjoy reading my list over end-to-end encrypted messenging applications and non-US mailproviders.

This list is getting a bit dated, there are some other comparison lists that are more current but I can not vouch for the content

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