End-to-End encrypted messenger applications

25 Jun 2013

With the announcement of the old Flattr crews (bonq, brokep and leihogs) new privacy messenger application Heml.is (kid Swedish for secret), I have run in to some of the different alternatives for End-to-End encrypted messenger applications. Here is a short list of some of the ones that are out there.

Name Price Tech Platforms Open Source Other
Telegram Free MTProto + RSA 2048 + 256 AES iOS / Android Open Source Need to manually specify when secure communication is wanted
Hemlis Freemium XMPP / PGP iOS / Android The source will be released Not released yet, fundraiser on website
surespot Free 521 bit ECDH + 256 AES Android Yes
TextSecure Free SMS. Encrypted storage Android Yes iOS version in the making. Made by Moxie, everyone loves Moxie
Gibberbot Free XMPP + OTR Android (open protocol so can talk to any client) Yes Needs third party XMPP server
Silent Text $240 / y SCIMP + more on encryption iOS / Android Partly
Threema € 1.61 Elliptic Curve Cryptography via NaCL. Forward security iOS / Android No Payable with bitcoin
Kontalk Free XMPP Android Yes Early alpha
ChatSecure Free XMPP/AIM + OTR iOS Yes
Tox.im Free Based on NaCl Linux/Android/Windows/OSX/iOS Yes Support video and audio

If you found this interesting, maybe you would enjoy reading my list over privacy aware VPN providers and non-US mailproviders.

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