A praise to Little Brother and Homeland

04 Aug 2013

Little Brother and its sequal Homeland is written by Cory Doctorow

I have just finished reading Homeland, the sequal to Cory Doctorows novel Little Brother, and here is a short pitch why you ought to read it as well.

The book is written for a younger reader, the “young adult”. This does not stand in the way for it’s brillance though, and it just makes me happier to know that this books is also read by the generation growing up right now.

The books are about a young person named Marcus and his life growing up. You can read about the synopsis in several places (like wikipedia).

What is important though is that it can be read as a guide to survival and self defence in the modern age. Cory explains the basiscs of security, anonymity, hardware hacking and social reform in an simple and entertaining way. Topics that are mentioned and explained include TOR, EFF, Ipredator, PGP, GNU/Linux, Bayesian statistics, Aaron Swartz, Cyanogenmod and even Will Wheaton.

It is a highly entertaining book with a high recognition value if you are interested in politics and it’s application on the internet today. If you are not, then I suggest you read it either way, becuase you might very well become after reading it.

It even exsists as an audio book and free e-book.

You can buy the books from Amazon here (disclaimer: affiliate links):

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