(Privacy aware) non-US email providers

10 Aug 2013

Lavabit was taken down a few days ago in an attempt to stop government snooping on their customers.
This was an admirable move by Lavabit, but resulted in me needing to find a new email host.
(You can always reach me on the mail on my contacts page which I host myself. Lavabit was used for an organisation I am running which I do not have the time to be email admin for).

Provider Price Country Other
Orange Website (aff.link) $4.54/month Iceland Bitcoins accepted, anonymous sign-up
Counter Mail $6.33/month Sweden PGP on incoming messages. Java client must be used. Accept bitcoin
Neomailbox $49.95/year Switzerland Accept Digital Gold Currencies, anonymous sign-up
Posteo €1/month Germany Claimed anonymous sign-up. No custom domains.
A/I Donations (?) Italy No new account due to high load
Fripost 200 SEK one time fee (?) Sweden Claimed anonymous sign-up. “Not a service, an association” for people living in Sweden
MyKolab €8,36/month Switzerland Calendar etc.
1984 hosting $6/month Iceland
Protonmail Free Switzerland Claims no IP logs

Did I miss something? Comment!

Other alternatives include hosting your own email address and not trusting third parties, this puts the security in your own hands, which can be both a good and a bad thing.

Preferably you run the mail server on hardware you are in physical control over, but when this is impossible you can to turn to Virtual Private Servers (VPS). My experience is that mail servers can be somewhat tricky to set up and get going in nice way, but there are several tutorials out there on how to do it on your own favorite platform. Remember to choose a host which have a good privacy policy and reside under a sane jurisdiction (avoid US and GB to avoid NSA and secret laws and court orders), I recommend checking out Moln.is or Bahnhof (both Swedish so watch out for FRA) or maybe the dutch provider Cyber Bunker.

(and remember, do not rely on Hushmail!)

If you found this interesting, maybe you would enjoy reading my list over privacy aware VPN providers and end-to-end encrypted messenger applications.

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