Berlin Books

07 Apr 2012

For the Readmill hackathon I and Carl Ekerot wrote a small book recommendation webapp.

What it does is that it compares your facebook book related likes (authors, books and so on) to your friends, and then it finds the friends which you have the most similar taste to and recommends some books that you haven’t read (read “liked”) from them.
We mostly wrote it because we wanted to play around with recommendation systems a little, but a fever put a stop to our hacking rather early in the night so this basic solution was what we had time for.
We are still thinking about adding some improvements, we’ll see how it goes!

It is still a hack and lacks logout button and other necessities, but we put it up on Heroku if you want to check it out!. Please report back any bugs you find to us either here or on twitter.

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