How to open mailto: with gmail in chrome

19 Jun 2010

I use Gmail as my main e-mail client so I grew rather tired of having Thunderbird (or Evolution Mail) open every time I press a mailto-tag in Chrome on my Ubuntu (10.04 LTS) machine. This is how you get Gmail instead of your standard email client.
First you need to open a terminal and write

$	gnome-default-applications-properties

In the newly opened window set the email command to


Do not forget to set Chrome as your default browser.

You can get the email to be automatically filled out by for you if you change the email command in gnome-default-applications-properties to

$		sh /home/user/ %s

(where “user” should be replaced by your username). Then you have to put a shell-script in your /home folder. This is done by creating a file named in your home folder and copying the following text into the file.

“`echo $1 | sed ‘s/mailto://’`”

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