Built an arduino-snes-usb-handcontroller

09 Nov 2010

Today I finished moulding my Arduino “snes”-handcontroller (usb).

Moulded and done

I used mostly parts from sparkfun, like the thumstick, and the red board. The microcontroller controlling everything is an Arduino Duemilanove. The rest of the components (mostly buttons) I scrambled together from different locations.

My plan is to write some little arcade game to control with it, but as I just finished the assembly I just tried out some of the example code on SparkFuns website. Here is my microcontroller singing “Twinkle, twinkle little star” in different speeds and intensities (in html 5 so not sure if it is going to work for all of you. In case it doesn’t work here is a direct link to this rather unspectacular film).

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