added i2p and https support

28 Nov 2010

As a hobby project and as a favor to the swedish roleplaying industri I am hosting the website The website targets people who are interested to see what Swedish RPGs are available on the market. It is meant as a simple place to start if you are new to roleplaying games.
The website is still under heavy construction but I am writing about it here because I just added HTTPS and i2p support.

The SSL- certificate is signed with by startssl and it is a free service!

I have also started to host the site on the i2p darknet. This might not be something that is needed for an RPG website but I did it more as a statement as I am a strong believer in the right to anonymity and freedom of speech

I hope to be able to provide the same services for this blog as well within a near future.

This blogpost will be extended later, because right now I have a Realtime programming project to finish.

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