Saturday hack

31 Jan 2011

Yesterday was hacknight and I had a few friends over in my appartment.
We also made it a key signing party so now you can find my PGP key here or on If you want to communicate with me encrypted.

I mostly worked on a proof of concept Blackthrow box (svartkast) which I will probably write more about in the future when it is done. We got most of the features working on it with both as a TOR-hidden service and accesable through I2P. The truecrypt disks are mounted by hand on the otherwise unencrypted system to make it more recilliant to power-outs and other reboots. More on this subject another day.

There where also some Android hacking going on and a arty java- program was written to play any binary file as a MIDI song… :D (source and the developers blog can be found here).

A crawlbot trap was also developed (for bots who doesn’t follow robots.txt). I’m hoping to be able to publish the source code for it here soon! Stay tuned.

Great minds think alike ;D

All in all it was a fun night. I hope we will be able to host another hack night soon.

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