Using I2P instance on a server locally on laptop

27 Apr 2011

To avoid battery drainage, and such, I do not run I2P locally on my laptops since I already run a rather high speed node on one of my servers.
But of couse, like everyone else, I like to be able to visit my darknetz even on the move. So I have solved this by using SSH to make an encrypted tunnel to my server and binding port 4444 (the standard port) on localhost to 4444 on the server running my I2P node. It works like a charm.
I put this in my .bash_profile (or .bashrc or whatever floats your boat).

function i2p(){
ssh -NL 4444:localhost:4444

As I have written about before I use FoxyProxy to automatically choose when I need to use the I2P port and when I do not.
It really works like a charm.

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