Arduino joystick

22 May 2011

I have made some more progress on my ardunio “joystick”.
I have now added support for the joystick (and not just the buttons) and written an interface allowing it to work with the xte library on Linux computers.
It is far from done, at the moment a keypress generates alot of mouse clicks (as you can see in the video) and it needs more work in the sensitivity on the joystick.
I will soon release the source code on GitHub (if I can manage to find the C code I have compiled to the arduino).

Here is a low-qual video of me demonstraiting the controller on Ubuntu 10.04.

UPDATE: I’ve got the damn thing running on OS X Snow Leopard too. Here is another low qual video of me demonstrating the joystick.

Maybe not the most jaw dropping project out there, but you have to excuse me, I am having too much fun ^^

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