Transmission-bt feature request

03 Oct 2011

Two feature requests for the bittorrent client Transmission:

  • Support for proxies! I want to be able to connect my torrent program to a SOCKS proxy!
  • Make it possible to select single torrents to use DHT and PEX and not activate it for all of them. Most private trackers ban the use of DHT and PEX and most public trackers rely on them beeing there. It is rather annoyning to have to use seperate torrent clients for public and private trackers.
    Just noticied that the last one is supported through the privacy flag on torrent files.

Transmission support privacy flag

And before I end this blog post I also want to recommend the transmission remote GUI. A great way to run your tranmission on a server and stil use it integrated on your normal computer, without having trouble with P2P-blocking networks and battery drainage on laptops.

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