Myrmidonian Artifical Intelligence

16 Nov 2011

Our, obvoiusly mildly sadistic, leacturer in Functional Programming decided it was a good idea to show us a few live games of Googles AI challenge before a lecture to distract us from our studies and other tasks at hand.
Having considered buying a PS3 or xbox, for a few days, to play Skyrim just to experience the Dragon AI first hand, it was a given that I would give the challange a go.
Buried under heavy workload I have not been able to give it a crack before today.

I just uploaded my first first code (after completing the tutorial) and could with fatherly love see my small Myrmidons win their first game!

The very first game

I’ll update here as I add improvements. Any one else reading this participating? I’d love to grab a beer/coffie and discuss tactics.

Update – The sinus dance

Alright, first lines of code added and my little bots have played their first match.
Victory again! My brave little warriors decided eating and copulating was their thing so it didn’t take long until the map was covered with Myrmidons.
This they then decidied to celebrate with a syncronized sinus curve dance.

Shake that sinus curve!

Update – Bitter defeat

Alas, crushing defeat. Blindend by hybris my brave soldiers decided they would begin this game by sinus dancing (see above).
But, we’ll learn for our misstakes. Just look at this population!

Swarming, like fish! or birds!

I WANT THAT! She moves in unison like spartans, a flock of birds or fish.
She is defeated by this black magic though:

dark symbol ants conquer all

Some kind of awesome celtic cross. Is celtic black magic cross what I really want?
Back to the drawing table!

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