Wallpapers automatically from Tumblr

23 Nov 2011

Last night I wrote a small script that updates my background images daily to those from one of my favorite tumblr’s (thanks Well dressed for the apaocalypse!).
Feel free to try it out. To do so you need to install Feedparser and Beautifulsoup (or just download them and put them in the same folder as the script).
Here is the Python script, it is hosted on Github if you want to fork it.
Put the script in

to get it to upgrade your backgrounds daily.

Do not forget to change the path variable in the script to your wallpaper folder where you store your background images.

Add the same folder here and in the script path
This is on OS X but the script should work on i.e. Linux to if you have installed automatical wallpaper switcher (create a crob job instead of the periodic folder).

Right now it only supports one blog, but if you care to collect pictures from more it is just a minor fix to the Python code. You can change what Tumblr it reads from by changing the tumblr_url variable.

Any questions? Drop a comment!

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