IP keyword in Bing.com

02 Feb 2012

I found something in Bing.com today that I found quite interesting (:O yes I know!).

There is a search keyword called ip, which returns all sites known to Bing that are hosted on that IP.

With the help of this I managed to indentify and connect serveral IP addresses, from my torrent client, to personal websites.
Normally people tend to feel that they are safe from indentification when they share IP with their webserver if they just tell the webserver not to respont to requests through the IP address and restrict it to access through the domain name.

I wrote a small script to wrap the Bing.com API, here is the enpoint

http://links.kejsarmakten.se/ip/index.php?ip=[IP HERE]

Example usage

curl http://links.kejsarmakten.se/ip/index.php?ip=

It seems bing has changed their API and my wrapper no longer works.

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