Avoid ‘sign in to confirm age’ on Youtube

19 Jun 2013

When you are not logged in to Youtube you are unable to watch videos which have been marked as “inappropriate for some users”.

If you do not want to get a Google account or if you want to avoid logging into Google on the computer you are at you can follow these simple steps to avoid the login restriction.

We utilize that embedded videos do not force users to log in.

1. First go to the video you want to watch on Youtube. In the example it is a song by King Fantastic.

2. Press the share button under the video and select Embed. Then copy the code you see in the box.

3. Go to the page JsFiddle.net which lets you experiment with rendering Javascript and HTML.

4. Paste the code from the Youtube share box into the box in the upper left corner. It says html.

5. Press the Play button on the top and voila, you can now watch the embedded video in the lower left window!

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