SharePhoto for android – NO LONGER MAINTAINED

13 Feb 2011

Please note that this project is no longer maintained and is made unavailable.

SharePhoto is a android application design to help people share pictures easily.
The application uploads the picture to a webserver and presents the user with an easily shareable URL!
The pictures are hosted for 24h and are removed after that.

The application is currently unavailable on Android Market but I hope that an official launch is imminent.


To share a picture open the gallery and press the Share-button and then select SharePhoto. Now you are done!
The picture will be hosted on the server for 24h, the URL will be presented to you in the textbox in the application. There are two buttons, one allows you to open the URL in the browser and the other copies the URL to the clipboard so you can paste it later in an e-mail, on IRC or on a forum. Remember; Sharing is caring!


When will the application be available for the public?
Before the week ends hopefully, I am working on a few last minute fixes and some graphics for the icons

How big pictures can I host?
The limit hasn’t been set yet. It will depend on how though the load on the server will be and if I can afford more server power from my ads/flattr-revenue.

How many pictures can I host?
The limit hasn’t been set yet. See the question above.

Help! I uploaded a picture by mistake, how do I remove it?
At the bottom of the page there is a link called “remove this image” press that. If you are using the same IP as when you uploaded the image then the picture will be removed automatically. If you are not you have to type in your Secret (found in Menu→Secret on the android app) in the box that will promt you for it.

I found a picture breaking the rules!
Report it to the email at the bottom of the pictre, don’t forget to include the URL!

I found a bug in the appilcation
Send me an email and explain the problem, or drop a comment below. I develop this app on my spare time but I will do my best to fix any problems discovered.

I develop this application on my spare time, and I pay the server fee out of my own pockets so any monetary support I could get is highly appriciated. Below is a link the the projects flattr!

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